A bit of whimsy

The other day I finally took down my printer’s drawer from the wall along with all the miniatures dating to the 1980’s. Shudder. I always felt a certain pull towards those things, like they owned me and I had to put them up with each move and new place to live in. The whole shebang was so outdated. Yuck.

I have now developed a taste for the whimsy and vintage things in life. Remember salt and pepper shaker collections? Well they are all the rage on the internets and in the local thrift stores. So far one of my local stores is still selling them at a reasonable price. Last month I found this set of red mushrooms. I had to buy them, it was like they screamed my name.

Whimsy 006


Then just today, while out thrifting, I found a whole ‘nother collection. It was so hard to choose as I saw so many adorable and whimiscal sets. I settled on one set for me and one for our youth pastor’s wife. The planes are for us.

Whimsy 007

Whimsy 008

Don’t they look alive? So sweet.  The birds are for Christy.

Whimsy 011


Whimsy 013


Maybe next week when all the sets are half-price, I’ll go get another one!


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  1. Toby said


    I have just a couple special seasonal sets… snowmen for Christmas into January… a really bizarre set of mallards… and my favorite turkeys for Thanksgiving. 🙂

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