Flea market finds

Yesterday Phil and I suddenly had the whole day to ourselves. So we went to a huge flea market. Unfortunately it rained and most vendors packed up and left. But before they did I found a Wiss stainless steel scissor set for $5.00!!! I wanted to find a certain type of shears and found them in that set. Yeah!!! We went there looking for a few specific things and I really didn’t find what I was looking for but Phil? He found several good books to read, a few tools and we bought lots of fresh produce.

I bought a few pounds of peaches for fresh peach cobbler. I bought the ingredients for making Pico de Gallo and more pastries than we should be allowed to purchase on a shopping trip! All in all we had a great day together.

In the evening we went to the church and cooked a pot of rice for the youth group who were doing a reverse missions trip. That is where they stay local, and help out at various ministries in our cities. Well one of their goals was to identify with poverty and the poor among us. They were each given only 1 cup of rice, plain white rice for dinner. Then they created a cardboard village on the church lawn and slept out there last night. It went well. Tomorrow they are going to help with 4 local ministries to the poor and homeless. Jake is there with the group and he seems to be getting it. You can never tell with teens!

Today we are relaxing after church, did some cleaning and Phil’s dad brought over some fish for us to fry. We will have fresh green beans, fish and burgers! What a combo. Oh well, good food and family go together well.

One more note. Friday night Jack, our dog, seems to have ruptured his ACL! He is hobbling around on 3 paws and holding his right rear leg in the air. I have to get him to the vet this week. Poor puppy!


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