Sunday thoughts…

It’s been a quiet slow day here. I was going to sew but Phil said he worked enough this week for the both of us. So tomorrow night I will be back at it. I would work at my projects during the day but I have to meet up with Brit to get Jake back from her. He has been there since last week. It’s been quiet here without him and the chaos he can bring into the daily living of our lives. But we all miss him.  I know that Elizabeth and Asher have totally enjoyed having Uncle Jake there to wrestle and play with all week.

Jack the doggie is feeling a bit better. He tried to get up on the recliner today but I kept him from doing that. He can’t balance on one leg to jump up. He did it last week but didn’t stay there long. He usually follows me around like a shadow. Sometimes he sneaks in the bathroom while I am showering and all I see when I am done is a black furball on the floor, because until I put on my glasses or contacts I am blind as a bat!

Caleb starts football this week. It’s all conditioning work though. It will be tough, I really don’t think he knows whats coming up. But we are also going to Cedar Point on Thursday with the youth group. Fun fun fun!!! I hope I can still handle some of the rollercoasters like I used to be able to do.

I am too lazy to click a few pictures but I finally found some red bottomweight material for a tote bag. I am lining it with a classy black and white floral cotton print. I will take the pre-cut pieces to a place to get the iron-on done then sew them up. These bags are for the Just Love fundraiser. If you don’t know what that is about, see the last post I put up. Or click here for a link to Internation Justice Misson to learn about slavery and sex trade in the world. IJM is working hard to free people, mostly children from slavery, most of it is in the sex trade industry. It’s awful that this still exists in our world.


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