Tomorrow is party day…

Isaiah, my grandson, is going to be one year old tomorrow. We are having a big party. All of my family minus my brother is coming in from Pittsburgh and my daughter and her family will be here as well. I hope it will be a nice family visit as well as a fun party.

Lauren invited a bunch of friends and most of them offered to bring or make something for the food part. That is so nice and just the way people are around here. You don’t have to ask, they just do it. Good friends are hard to find and when you find them, keep them close.

Last night Phil’s boss took us, another couple from work, and 2 others out for an appreciation dinner for the hard work the guys have been doing lately. Phil was promoted to a supervisory role and it’s stressful because of the longer hours but he still likes his job. The dinner was at a posh seafood place here in our closest big city. The bill had to be easily $500 for the 7 of us since we had three courses and drinks. Whew. I was thinking how that is a percentage of what Phil makes a week and there is no way we could afford to go have dinner there on our own. The boss is very nice and easy going. It was easy to talk with him and the others. Of course I inputted (is that a word?) my one-liners to liven things up now and then. Overall it was a nice night out. I am so proud of my man!

So tomorrow will be a day for lots of picture taking. I will post some early next week. Lots of the babies!


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