New purses and fall projects…

I made this very cute purse using the Phoebe pattern from Beki, artsycraftybabe and I am so pleased with it. It’s my own personal bag and fits my needs perfectly. It was simple to make and I learned how to do darts! I like the look of darts almost more than boxed corners!

Purses-crafts 002

Next up is another bag like this in blue corduroy and a cute print for the lining. And my aunt asked me to make her a purse using her graduation dress, or maybe it’s homecoming dress, either way it was made by her in like 1966 or something. That is when I was born!! lol…Here is the dress-

Purses-crafts 011

This is the lining material with the folded dress. I am so excited to make these cute bags.

Purses-crafts 010

Next up is some fall crafting for more friends and deciding on gifts for Christmas that I want to make. I am thinking felt food for Elizabeth and an I Spy quilt for Asher and Isaiah. Oh yeah, Brittany is expecting twins next May! We are all very excited about that bit of news. So happy fall crafting!



  1. Toby said

    I like that pattern, too. Thanks for sharing! I think your aunt’s will be cute. 🙂

  2. Renee said

    What a neat idea. I would have never thought to turn an old sentimental dress that I’ll never fit into again into a purse that I can use on a daily basis.

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