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What has been eating at my blogging time?

For a change, it’s a good thing. I have been cleaning! Well not constantly but I am once again utilizing the Flylady methods to get on track. Between a very thought-provoking counseling session last month and Flylady, I decided it was time to pull up my big girl panties and get on with it!

I am now about 3 weeks into the routines and I am doing pretty good. I feel really good about myself and my home. I know my hubby is coming home each day from work knowing his home will be a welcoming place. I know my sons are enjoying the benefits as well even if they aren’t saying too much. Only once in the last 3 weeks have one of them asked me to wash their clothes because they were out of clean socks. One even took it upon himself to wash a load of clothes since he needed pants. I would say that is pretty good.

In between the cleaning I did a short stint in the hospital last week. I guess I am not taking care of my body like I should. The closest diagnosis they could give me is Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  So I spent 3 days at the hospital and came home with medicines and instructions on how to eat better. I am also hypoglycemic and need to learn how to eat for that issue. I am planning on asking my primary care phys. for a referral to a nutrionist for some planning and counseling on these things.  I just don’t know how to combine the three issues I have-lactose intolerant, IBS and hypoglycemia.

In other news, Lauren is now living with a new family as the live-in nanny. I truly hope this works out for her. I can’t say too much about it because I know she needs to do this and learn if it was a bad move on her part. It seemed like the only job God brought to her during her intense job search over the last few months.

My other daughter is expecting baby #3 and we are all very excited!!! We just love babies. They smell good and are fun to cuddle since my kids are too big to cuddle.

I have been busy playing on Facebook and my farm on Farmville. But I am trying to balance all my internet time with cleaning and personal growth time. So far I am doing ok. I can’t wait until I am doing great! Phil tells me every day how proud he is of me and the changes he sees. I guess I had to do it for myself for it to stick. That’s ok, like Flylady says ‘I am Finally Loving Myself!”.


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Tomorrow is party day…

Isaiah, my grandson, is going to be one year old tomorrow. We are having a big party. All of my family minus my brother is coming in from Pittsburgh and my daughter and her family will be here as well. I hope it will be a nice family visit as well as a fun party.

Lauren invited a bunch of friends and most of them offered to bring or make something for the food part. That is so nice and just the way people are around here. You don’t have to ask, they just do it. Good friends are hard to find and when you find them, keep them close.

Last night Phil’s boss took us, another couple from work, and 2 others out for an appreciation dinner for the hard work the guys have been doing lately. Phil was promoted to a supervisory role and it’s stressful because of the longer hours but he still likes his job. The dinner was at a posh seafood place here in our closest big city. The bill had to be easily $500 for the 7 of us since we had three courses and drinks. Whew. I was thinking how that is a percentage of what Phil makes a week and there is no way we could afford to go have dinner there on our own. The boss is very nice and easy going. It was easy to talk with him and the others. Of course I inputted (is that a word?) my one-liners to liven things up now and then. Overall it was a nice night out. I am so proud of my man!

So tomorrow will be a day for lots of picture taking. I will post some early next week. Lots of the babies!

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Get me the smelling salts…

My daughter passed the GED test and is now an official high school graduate. What a long process and struggle with that one! Whew…

And my grand-daughter went poop on the potty. Yeah….

All this good news in one day, I don’t think I can take it! (Yes, I am being sarcastic.) I am happy for both girls and their good news.  But I am still sad about a friend who is in the hospital and not doing very well today.

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Sunday thoughts…

It’s been a quiet slow day here. I was going to sew but Phil said he worked enough this week for the both of us. So tomorrow night I will be back at it. I would work at my projects during the day but I have to meet up with Brit to get Jake back from her. He has been there since last week. It’s been quiet here without him and the chaos he can bring into the daily living of our lives. But we all miss him.  I know that Elizabeth and Asher have totally enjoyed having Uncle Jake there to wrestle and play with all week.

Jack the doggie is feeling a bit better. He tried to get up on the recliner today but I kept him from doing that. He can’t balance on one leg to jump up. He did it last week but didn’t stay there long. He usually follows me around like a shadow. Sometimes he sneaks in the bathroom while I am showering and all I see when I am done is a black furball on the floor, because until I put on my glasses or contacts I am blind as a bat!

Caleb starts football this week. It’s all conditioning work though. It will be tough, I really don’t think he knows whats coming up. But we are also going to Cedar Point on Thursday with the youth group. Fun fun fun!!! I hope I can still handle some of the rollercoasters like I used to be able to do.

I am too lazy to click a few pictures but I finally found some red bottomweight material for a tote bag. I am lining it with a classy black and white floral cotton print. I will take the pre-cut pieces to a place to get the iron-on done then sew them up. These bags are for the Just Love fundraiser. If you don’t know what that is about, see the last post I put up. Or click here for a link to Internation Justice Misson to learn about slavery and sex trade in the world. IJM is working hard to free people, mostly children from slavery, most of it is in the sex trade industry. It’s awful that this still exists in our world.

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Flea market finds

Yesterday Phil and I suddenly had the whole day to ourselves. So we went to a huge flea market. Unfortunately it rained and most vendors packed up and left. But before they did I found a Wiss stainless steel scissor set for $5.00!!! I wanted to find a certain type of shears and found them in that set. Yeah!!! We went there looking for a few specific things and I really didn’t find what I was looking for but Phil? He found several good books to read, a few tools and we bought lots of fresh produce.

I bought a few pounds of peaches for fresh peach cobbler. I bought the ingredients for making Pico de Gallo and more pastries than we should be allowed to purchase on a shopping trip! All in all we had a great day together.

In the evening we went to the church and cooked a pot of rice for the youth group who were doing a reverse missions trip. That is where they stay local, and help out at various ministries in our cities. Well one of their goals was to identify with poverty and the poor among us. They were each given only 1 cup of rice, plain white rice for dinner. Then they created a cardboard village on the church lawn and slept out there last night. It went well. Tomorrow they are going to help with 4 local ministries to the poor and homeless. Jake is there with the group and he seems to be getting it. You can never tell with teens!

Today we are relaxing after church, did some cleaning and Phil’s dad brought over some fish for us to fry. We will have fresh green beans, fish and burgers! What a combo. Oh well, good food and family go together well.

One more note. Friday night Jack, our dog, seems to have ruptured his ACL! He is hobbling around on 3 paws and holding his right rear leg in the air. I have to get him to the vet this week. Poor puppy!

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Visiting day

Today I visited with my grandbabies. These are the ones that don’t live near me, the red-headed babies. I love them to pieces! I made them a few gifts and took them to them today. Here is what I made and then here they are with their gifts. Like I said, I love my grandbabies!!!

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Of inconsequence…

Life here has been good. Things are going ok so far since school let out. Vacation was fun but somewhat boring for the boys, I think. That’s ok though, they did get to fly and they went to the beach and they got to visit their grandparents.

We have been sitting out by a fire in the evenings the last few nights. It’s been a great time with the boys, just talking and connecting. We don’t do that too often away from the dinner table. Mostly we talked about our decision to stay in our home and this school district until at least Caleb is finished with school. That is unless the need for a job requires us to look elsewhere, then we will have to consider our options then. For now, we are here. That has a secure settling affect on us all. We can now concentrate on more projects of upkeep on the home and I know that will make Phil feel better. Me too, I guess.

For Father’s Day, we made homemade pasta just like my grandma made. We had a great time. I made a pot of sauce and meatballs to go along with the noodles. It tasted like I remember as a child. It was so much fun making that memory with Phil and the boys. We will do it again soon. I hope to teach the girls how as well.

Today is the 5th anniversary of my own father’s death. I don’t feel sad, just ok. That is alright. I have lived here, away from my family in Pittsburgh, for 15 years so it’s been something I was used to for 10 years when he died. His death did not change my daily life. But there are times I wish I could call him to chat about things and ask about our family’s history. It’s good that I have an older cousin who put together a rather complete family tree/history with lots of comments and ancedotes of our past generations. My aunt on the other side of the family also did the same and I am anxious to get that information in my hands.

We had to reformat my pc so I lost a lot of pictures in digital form due to that. I was able to upload all of them to Shutterfly so they can be printed or put into photo books but I don’t have them on my hard drive at this point. We are going to be backing up things more often in the future because I don’t know how much longer I can keep this pc going. It’s been reformatted 3 times now.

I guess that’s a good update for my 4 faithful readers! lol…maybe there are more, I don’t know because no one hardly leaves comments any more. Check out my etsy shop as I added a few things recently.

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