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Life goes on…

In spite of all the interesting things happening around me, life goes on. Phil is doing well. The boys are good as are the girls and their families. I am still trying to find a job. In the meantime, I am getting orders to sew things. Totes, purses and now pillows. I am glad for all of it but wonder how to make it be what we need for a job for me. I am not organized enough here.  I can be organized in controlled environments but my home is about to explode. I am going to have to go on a computer fast to get it all done. My sewing stuff is everywhere. The paper clutter is awful and Phil’s computer made it’s way back into the living room for the time being.  Too much stuff in a small space.

Then there is Caleb’s room. Poor kid, he hasn’t had his space to himself for awhile now. It seems a bunch of stuff was just piled in there during some cleaning and changing of rooms. I have to help him and get some stuff out of there. Why is it so hard for me to throw things out or give them away? It’s very frustrating to me and my family. I need help.


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Snow and more snow…

Although it’s not as bad as last March when we had 2 feet but this time around we had 1 foot of snow. We are going to venture out today for some food. We are kind of empty in the freezer and my staple items are about all I have. Too bad the kids don’t eat beans and rice or we could go a few more days!

I finally did a craft project yesterday. Nothing much to speak of, just some stitching practice.  I did make Caleb’s bag last week. I have another purse that will need to be made once the person picks out their fabrics. I am job searching which is not easy these days. Very few jobs are available to so many out of work. I only need part-time so the helps a bit.

I haven’t planned a menu in a bit and so today I hope to do that. Tomorrow I will put that up.

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A visit to Starbucks

Today I got out for some alone time. What I wanted was “friend time” but no one was able. So I settled for time away from the house. I ran to the library and picked out a few chick flicks for me. Then I went to a little local fabric store. It was cool, they had fabrics that were old and new and tons of trims and all sorts of crafty things. I found Barney, Sesame Street and Flintstones printed fabrics! Imagine that! There was this little old man, who looked like Burgess Meredith from the Rocky movies, working there. He was an interesting sort of fellow. Anyway, I just browsed and left. Then I ran to the store for a few items.

I decided I had enough cash for a small(tall) mocha at Starbucks. You know, for a Saturday, they were really busy. But I think I was the only customer to sit and stay and drink my coffee there. I brought a book I am reading. It’s called “A Table by a Window” by Lawana Blackwell. So where did I sit? At a table by the window, of course!

I like going to stbx because I can people watch and read and drink coffee all at the same time. Amazing the freedoms we have here. I watched the stereotypical people come in and order their string-of-names coffee drinks as well as a few newbies to the place. One guy didn’t know where to stand in line, he got in the line of folks waiting for their drinks, even though there is not a cash register there! He learned quick how to place his order and move along. Then there was the old lady, who reminded me of my mom. I bet she was a sassy type too. She didn’t know how “it” works either. She cut off the newbie kid but quickly realized what she did. She thought if she stood at the cash register with no line, she would get faster service. Nope! Not going to happen with only two employees there.

I sat with my back to the warm sunshine and read a few chapters of my novel and came home. I am not sure why, but I kind of bit off Jake’s head when I walked in the door. I need to apologize for that one. I guess the prospects for a job are not great, in my mind, and I have to get one and soon. And I have to tell Lauren about that. She won’t like it too much. I have to think about my home and family here first. God is big enough to take care of all of us.

Guess that’s it for my day. I did my “dark journaling” in a book I keep in my purse. I will spare everyone reading this those thoughts on life.

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Another Monday

I don’t have my menu plan up yet. It’s mainly due to the fact that I was lazy this weekend and today I am babysitting Isaiah. Apparently I told my daughter I could babysit on Monday and in my pea-sized brain I thought she said Wednesdays. Oh well. So here I am, at her place, on her laptop, posting to my blog. Isaiah is down for another nap. That baby has consummed 10 ounces of breast milk since 8 O’clock. What a chowhog!

Over the weekend Lauren took the boys to visit Brit and family so I did have a lot of alone time with Phil sleeping in the day and working at night. I cut out more burp cloths, took a trip to Joann’s for more fabric, and made killer stuffed manacotti. I took some to my neighbor and we had a nice visit over tea and manacotti for her.

I think I have another purse order. Everytime I pray about our financial situation, I sell a purse. Weird. In my little brain, we have already established it’s size above, I can’t fathom selling enough stuff to make up the needed funds each month. God is working out something in all this. I am not very talented but I enjoy making stuff. I am creative but not disciplined in my creativity. Oh wait, creative people are not supposed to be disciplined. I can try to be all artsy-fartsy but that goes against part of my grain. Rigidness in thinking is part of being bipolar. That is the inner battle in my mind about all this. I just want to finish the burp cloths, Lauren’s new swaddle sheet for Isaiah, the other purse I have cut out and another ribbon blanket then I will feel better. Plus I have Brit’s purse to make the pattern for. She has a beloved purse of a different style and I am going to copy the pattern to make her a new one. Hers is falling apart. I think this new one will be easy but I have to learn how to do a zipper again.

In other news, Phil is loving his job. He is hearing compliments about his maturity, professionalism on the job and his skills. One inspector already approached him to think about helping him in the spring doing some side jobs at a small local airport. Phil needs to reactivate his license by working steadily for 6 months, then he can begin signing off in FAA log books and such. Even with his past experiences, the rules have drastically changed since 9/11 and rightly so.

Ok look for my menu plan later. That is if I have time. Today is the day we try to buy a Wii for the family. The boys have saved their half of the total for the system and add-ons we want. Hopefully the store we are going to has one in stock. If not, I guess we put it on order. Wish us luck!

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I sold my purse!

I sold the apple purse and now I have finished a purse for me. Not only am I making the purses, but I am making cute little tissue holders to go in them with the leftover fabric. I will post pics later when my wonderful husband finally finds our camera! Argh….

I am having lunch today with a good friend. I am hoping it’s a good day. The boys are off of school tomorrow and Monday. Long weekend but Caleb will be camping with Scouts and Jake will be home. I hope we can spend some quallity time with him. He is pleasant when he is alone with us. That danged sibling rivalry runs deep with those boys! Much worse than the girls ever had it. I think it might be because they are so opposite in nature, close in age and both boys! That’s gotta be it.

On other good news, Lauren found a job being a part-time nanny. She will be busy because she will have Isaiah with her and the little one she is watching is 14 months old. Plus she is going to work her other part time job once a week and I will babysit. Then she has one other afterschool babysitting job she can get hours from. I guess things are coming together for her.

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Getting creative

I have decided to focus my creativity towards certain persuits. I think making pincushions will be the perfect fall/winter craft for me. I will also be learning embroidery skills as I go along. I plan to make some more cloth diaper burp cloths that not only have the decorative flannel in the center, but I will be adding some small embroidery to them. I am such a novice and pictures will be forthcoming but be forewarned. My work is in the crude stages. Getting my ideas from my head to fabric and needle will be difficult but I have some great help along the way.

I have been Googling for websites with info and have found a few really helpful sites and blogs. I was first interrested in the miniature pincushions from reading Gigglepotamus and seeing a link to Schmaltzycraftsy there. Lauren at Gigglepotamus is very creative and I love all of her work. Jen at Schmaltzy is featured in the book Pretty Little Pincushions and both have Etsy shops. I am not aspiring to have an Etsy shop but I am going to be making my items as gifts.

I recently learned about RSS feeds and am happily enjoying their use online. It’s really cool because I don’t have to wait for a huge graphic laden website to load until I have looked at the feed update that comes to my LiveMail on my laptop. How cool is that? Cooler if we switch back to dialtone!

On the job front, Phil starts tomorrow with orientation and training. We were able to take his tools to the hangar and get a look around. I could see the lights in his eyes as we stood in the hangar among the grease and toolboxes and airplanes. He is feeling much better these days.

Get ready because I am changing the template of this blog and I hope the font is larger. I don’t like the small font and I don’t have time to mess with html stuff. So I just want to switch to a premade template that suits me and my needs. Let me know if you like it.

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Updates on life…

Ok, I am really sorry but I got a facebook and well, it sucked my time away from here. I think this is going to be interesting keeping up with the two things but I can manage.

Phil has a new job in the aircraft field!!! Yeah!!! This is what we have been praying for. The shift and pay is not great but workable and a starting place. We knew it would be like this. I might have to work again but I won’t go do what I was doing before. Nope, too boring.

All the kids are fine and the babies are growing. Isaiah is on a great schedule and Asher is in the beginning walking stages at barely 8 months! Elizabeth is trying to get him moving by stealing his toys to make him cry and crawl after her. She will get it back soon enough from little brother! Last week my sister, my mom and my cousin all came to visit Lauren and Isaiah and me. We had a nice time. I actually got to sit and each lunch with them and talk. Without all the guys around the place was quiet and we were able to talk.

Phil and I are spending time together this week before the new job. We have an outing planned for the next two days. It should be fun. It’s on my list of “romantic things to do with Phil” list that is in my head. I better clue him in a bit more though or he won’t know what I am thinking or expecting. lol…men are simple and just like time and place details when we want more. Right?

Ok, off to watch for the big brown UPS truck because Phil is expecting a package that needs to be signed. lol…he has been up since 8 am waiting for his new CO2 bb gun.


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