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Here is a new thing I am doing…

When I search online, I found a way to earn some bucks, Swagbucks that is. What you do is click on Swagbucks and search through their site and earn SB when you search. They use Google and Ask as their search engines. Since you are going to be searching for stuff, might as well make it count, right?

Then when you build your buck bank, you redeem them for gift cards and lots of good stuff. And you can shop through the site earning even more Swag Bucks!

Search & Win


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A visit to Starbucks

Today I got out for some alone time. What I wanted was “friend time” but no one was able. So I settled for time away from the house. I ran to the library and picked out a few chick flicks for me. Then I went to a little local fabric store. It was cool, they had fabrics that were old and new and tons of trims and all sorts of crafty things. I found Barney, Sesame Street and Flintstones printed fabrics! Imagine that! There was this little old man, who looked like Burgess Meredith from the Rocky movies, working there. He was an interesting sort of fellow. Anyway, I just browsed and left. Then I ran to the store for a few items.

I decided I had enough cash for a small(tall) mocha at Starbucks. You know, for a Saturday, they were really busy. But I think I was the only customer to sit and stay and drink my coffee there. I brought a book I am reading. It’s called “A Table by a Window” by Lawana Blackwell. So where did I sit? At a table by the window, of course!

I like going to stbx because I can people watch and read and drink coffee all at the same time. Amazing the freedoms we have here. I watched the stereotypical people come in and order their string-of-names coffee drinks as well as a few newbies to the place. One guy didn’t know where to stand in line, he got in the line of folks waiting for their drinks, even though there is not a cash register there! He learned quick how to place his order and move along. Then there was the old lady, who reminded me of my mom. I bet she was a sassy type too. She didn’t know how “it” works either. She cut off the newbie kid but quickly realized what she did. She thought if she stood at the cash register with no line, she would get faster service. Nope! Not going to happen with only two employees there.

I sat with my back to the warm sunshine and read a few chapters of my novel and came home. I am not sure why, but I kind of bit off Jake’s head when I walked in the door. I need to apologize for that one. I guess the prospects for a job are not great, in my mind, and I have to get one and soon. And I have to tell Lauren about that. She won’t like it too much. I have to think about my home and family here first. God is big enough to take care of all of us.

Guess that’s it for my day. I did my “dark journaling” in a book I keep in my purse. I will spare everyone reading this those thoughts on life.

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