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New purse for me!

I have a great story behind this purse. First, I found the pattern at Sew Mama Sew’s blog last spring and just could never decide what fabric to use. This past summer, I bought the red fabric for $.10 at a local discount store. It was the only piece of fabric there, and it was about 36 inches wide by about 17 inches high. Again, what does one do with that amount of red floral printed satin?

Then I started to take apart my wedding dress. Yes! My dress. It’s made of an off-white, beige really, jaquard print and somewhat heavy.  I knew I could use it for something cool, but what? With the color of beige, it’s not practical for too many things.  So I thought it would work as a purse lining with the red if I found the right pattern.

This is what I ended up with! I made the larger bag of the two in the tutorial.

I hope you enjoyed my post tonight. I loved making this purse. It was so very easy!

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What has been eating at my blogging time?

For a change, it’s a good thing. I have been cleaning! Well not constantly but I am once again utilizing the Flylady methods to get on track. Between a very thought-provoking counseling session last month and Flylady, I decided it was time to pull up my big girl panties and get on with it!

I am now about 3 weeks into the routines and I am doing pretty good. I feel really good about myself and my home. I know my hubby is coming home each day from work knowing his home will be a welcoming place. I know my sons are enjoying the benefits as well even if they aren’t saying too much. Only once in the last 3 weeks have one of them asked me to wash their clothes because they were out of clean socks. One even took it upon himself to wash a load of clothes since he needed pants. I would say that is pretty good.

In between the cleaning I did a short stint in the hospital last week. I guess I am not taking care of my body like I should. The closest diagnosis they could give me is Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  So I spent 3 days at the hospital and came home with medicines and instructions on how to eat better. I am also hypoglycemic and need to learn how to eat for that issue. I am planning on asking my primary care phys. for a referral to a nutrionist for some planning and counseling on these things.  I just don’t know how to combine the three issues I have-lactose intolerant, IBS and hypoglycemia.

In other news, Lauren is now living with a new family as the live-in nanny. I truly hope this works out for her. I can’t say too much about it because I know she needs to do this and learn if it was a bad move on her part. It seemed like the only job God brought to her during her intense job search over the last few months.

My other daughter is expecting baby #3 and we are all very excited!!! We just love babies. They smell good and are fun to cuddle since my kids are too big to cuddle.

I have been busy playing on Facebook and my farm on Farmville. But I am trying to balance all my internet time with cleaning and personal growth time. So far I am doing ok. I can’t wait until I am doing great! Phil tells me every day how proud he is of me and the changes he sees. I guess I had to do it for myself for it to stick. That’s ok, like Flylady says ‘I am Finally Loving Myself!”.

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Ever wonder…

who buys those tacky, silly silk roses with flocked bears wrapped in plastic at conveinance stores? I now know!

The other day Phil was stopping for some beer when driving home. He was going to a Circle K store and we were talking on the phone before he went inside. I hinted that he should “think of me” when he goes into the store the same way I think of him when I go to the store. I usually buy him a treat or something just for him. It’s always little but it’s something that says “I am thinking of you”. He got my hint.

When he came home, he showed me my gift. Here it is.


Closer view of the bear, heart and rose.


Every time I think of this tacky rose, I start giggling. It was not meant to be serious but funny and I took it that way. Right now I am not really happy with that man so it’s good I am gigglings and putting this on here. It’ll save him in the long run! haha….

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Snow and more snow…

Although it’s not as bad as last March when we had 2 feet but this time around we had 1 foot of snow. We are going to venture out today for some food. We are kind of empty in the freezer and my staple items are about all I have. Too bad the kids don’t eat beans and rice or we could go a few more days!

I finally did a craft project yesterday. Nothing much to speak of, just some stitching practice.  I did make Caleb’s bag last week. I have another purse that will need to be made once the person picks out their fabrics. I am job searching which is not easy these days. Very few jobs are available to so many out of work. I only need part-time so the helps a bit.

I haven’t planned a menu in a bit and so today I hope to do that. Tomorrow I will put that up.

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Difficult day

Things are coming to a screeching halt in my head. I am struggling. Today I put it all down on paper. Not easy. Life is like that sometimes. I am determined to get to the bottom of this issue and put it to rest. I have reached out to a friend to walk me through this valley. I need help. I can’t do this alone any longer.


Sorry to be so vague but too many read this now and I can’t share the personal issues. Just pray I work through this one quickly.

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My apologies…

I have to extend my apologies to the couple sitting in the booth behind us at dinner. My son did not mean to talk all night long. He did not wish to interupt your meal with his outrageous stories of a single player scoring 100 points in a basketball game, or that a boy cracked his bus window, or that his dreams are so real that he wakes up expecting them to be happening. I also hope you don’t think he is really going to kill anyone after his lunchtime discussion with Zach about how someone can kill another person with a rubberband and a paperclip. I hope you aren’t wishing you didn’t pay school taxes!

I am sorry he was loud but he had our attention and that was important to him tonight. I am hoping that he amused you and you think we handled him correctly. Even if you didn’t, that’s ok too because chances are we will never see you again, at least not at Applebee’s.

I hope the waitress didn’t mind our “custom” orders or having to bring the “to-go” box to the talker who managed to only eat half of his burger. We tried to be neat and clean, if nothing else. We tipped you nicely and didn’t demand much, even when I asked for more salad dressing. It was a nice dinner out and no tears from anyone, especially me.

See some families can go out and have a nice time, talking and eating and being “normal”, what ever that might be these days.

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