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New blog

I have decided that this blog has just about had it’s run of life giving posts. I will keep it open but probably not post.
I have a new blog and would love for everyone who reads here to hop on over and see what I am up to these days.
Oh I am still crafting and sewing but I am also doing a lot of cooking. The new blog is Italian Mama Chef . Please visit and let me know what you think. Thanks.


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Bag in progress for my dear friend…

Showing the pieces even though they are not put together.

Family 016

Family 017


Family 018


Family 019

Family 020

Family 021

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A new purse for me.

I tried a tutorial that said “1 hour purse”! lolololololol…..yeah right. The pattern needed drawn out by me, since hers was not printable. Then I added a flap closure as well so that took some time. I made a few mistakes, which I had to pick apart and re-sew but in the end, I have a fun new purse for me!  Tell me what you think.

The other picture is one of my set of matching hand embroidered flannel backed burp cloths.

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No time…

Ever since I found Facebook, I never seem to find time to write here or update this place. I might as well close it down. I think I am the only one looking most days. Oh well, no biggie. I am not a great or even good writer. And this was mainly for me all along. Tomorrow is yet another haircut day for me and Caleb and I want something different but have no ideas. Maybe I can find a picture in a book at the salon. I wish I could get a body wave again or something to give my limpy whimpy hair some body. Maybe if I can sell a few more purses I can do that.

Ok over and out!

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Is one of those days. The boys are out of control and I am not feeling any sense of control with them. I hate this. Summer will NOT be like this, or else I won’t survive. I ended up taking half of a Xanax just to get through tonight. I hate when I yell at the kids but right now I am about to just lose it completely. Not good.

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Home alone

Ahhh no one is here with me. By a strange set of circumstances I am sitting here all alone. I don’t have to get coffee or water or an ice pack or a pillow or Ibuprofen or Tylenol or nothing for no one for about an hour and 30 minutes! What a feeling!!! I love my husband but it’s wearing me down to keep being the “gopher” person around here.
I will admit that he is getting much better at getting around and doing things for himself. Little things to me but big to him, like dressing himself including pulling out his own clothes, getting his own water even if he stands at the water tank and drinks it there. We brought up his computer from the man-cave and he is a happy guy playing all these crazy man games. It gives him one more distraction which is good. He is going to rehab twice a week for the knee and is doing good. Today I am dropping him off at a coffee shop or the library for an hour or two so he can be out alone. That will do him a lot of good.
But me? I am just so happy to be here and be free for a bit. No one is interrupting me!!! Not even the dog!!!!!!!!!!!

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Patient update

Phil is doing good. He is dealing with quite a bit of swelling in his leg but he is allowed full range of motion. He still cannot put any weight on it so the crutches stay for a couple more weeks. He gets pretty worn out from outings. Today was a follow-up appt. with his surgeon and we had some lunch on the way home. He has been sleeping since we came home. Poor guy.
I have a tummy virus, one that Lauren gave to me. Great. I cannot pass this on to Phil, that would be bad. Let’s hope and pray it stays with me only.
I bought a new sewing machine and will post a few pictures in a day or so, when I am feeling better. I can’t wait to learn how to use all the fancy stitches and features it came with. I have several projects planned and need to make a list of those and prioritize.
No news on the job front. I will apply for another library position tomorrow. That is a place I would like to work.

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