The Family Meal

We eat dinner together almost every day. It’s a rare occasion when we don’t. I know this is a good thing. Even in my dysfunctional family we ate dinner together and every other week we ate at my grandparents home, until their deaths in 1980. My dad also made a Saturday or Sunday morning breakfast at times and those were good too. But when he did that, he sat in the kitchen and ate while the kids sat in the dining room which was just over the doorway. Not far but not at the same table. I guess it’s because the kitchen table only sat 2 people and sometimes my mom was there.

Today we slept in and missed church. Caleb asked what we had to eat and also asked for a family breakfast. I made us egg-in-a-hole and hashbrowns and sausage. Jake didn’t want any of it, that’s ok, he is like that. But Phil, Caleb and I all sat down and ate together. With the TV on. I told him afterwards that the tv was a distraction but he said “it still counts as a family meal!”. I guess so, in his eyes, it was and I am glad for it. I think the days when he asks for the family meal might be over sooner than later so I am enjoying it now while I can.

I just don’t understand families that don’t eat together at least once a day. It’s our time for stories and connecting to each other. It’s part of my cultural heritage. Italians have many courses to their meals, at least their main meal, and spend hours talking, laughing and debating. I know it was like that at my grandparent’s home. I loved those Sunday meals. I loved the smell of Italian food, all homemade of course, cooking and the adults arguing over who was in charge. They argued in Italian so I couldn’t understand. That meal turned into a day long affair. We used to do that with Phil’s parents and it was good. Now that they are living in SC most of the year, it just isn’t the same. I am not as relaxed during those visits because I don’t want them to end and I end up hurrying through conversations to get it all out at once. That’s not good.

One day I hope to be the grandma who’s home my kids and grandkids come to for regular dinners. Right now we have Brit and family in for weekends because they live 2 hours away. Lauren will be over today for dinner and to visit with the boys. She missed them while they were away at camp. I think I am making ravioli and spaghetti, just for posterity sake. Although mine isn’t homemade today it will still be a family meal. Complete with the arguing, laughing and talking.

Poor Phil didn’t know what he got into when he married an Italian woman! He was warned.

Here is an old family picture from 1968. Can you guess which one I am? Leave it in the comments.



  1. Toby said

    no guess but it is a great photo. I would be the one in the plaid dress who looks serious.

    egg-in-a-hole is called Toad in a Hole here and is a favorite of Mr Music’s. 😀

  2. Minkydo said

    Glad you enjoy your family meals.

    We don’t sit together at the table, but being together 24/7 gives up plenty of time to talk.

  3. Debbie said

    We always eat together too. Last year my twins were asked to lead a session in their youth groupon families and they talked about us eating together every day. The other kids were absolutely astonished. Seems we are an oddity.

  4. Oh that photo is priceless! I love the expressions on 1/2 of the faces like, “really, take the photo already”. I so need to incorporate a family meal occasionally. It is so good for everyone whether they like it or not!

    Thanks so much for linking today.

  5. jill said

    The one with the cheesey grin? I had the family dinner thing growing up, too. I miss it and wish our schedules were not so crazy that we could do it more. We have game night occasionally to fill the gap.

    Here in Texas, we call it egg in a nest. My kid’s fave!! Great post!

  6. micie66 said

    Ok, I am the little blonde on the right, my dad is holding me. I was about 2 or so. My dad is wearing the really super cool glasses! hehaheha

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